6 comments on “Subdued

  1. You said it perfectly, EJ! A friend of mine always laments that there’s no “sarcasm font”, and I know how it feels to try to perfectly phrase something so that its meaning comes across correctly and cannot possibly be misconstrued. It’s so tricky! I can only imagine the difficulties for those for whom English isn’t a native language.

    I love what you said about being less quick to judge, and to think about whether there could be a potentially different meaning in what someone says or expresses. Wise words to live by! 🙂

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  3. Now wait just a dog gone pickin minute!!! You blogged after all this time without hitting me upside the ‘ead with it??!! For shame, for shame, for shame! I’ve half a mind to go mad Cao on you! No seriously, I only have half a mind! 😉 You look lovely dahling!

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