5 comments on “In a Puff of Smoke

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  2. You are right, and I plan to start doing that this weekend. Forget blogging, I am going to start exploring. I see so many lovely places (like this one) on other peoples blogs. It’s time for me to climb down off my platform and check out the world myself. I am too much of a hermit, in both lives. Last night while channel surfing I stopped on The Bachelor to look at the place they were running around in, and it was Ireland and so gorgeous! All I could think about was that I used to dream of going to Ireland and somewhere betwixt here and way back there I just put that dream behind the flour, the cookie jar and a ten year old can of sardines. (Do people really eat those?). I need to face myself in both lifes and git on out there! Thank you for the reminder Eleanor that life is best when it is lived. Huge huggy smooch! ❤

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