2 comments on “A Glass Half Full of Lemonade

  1. Love this post, EJ! Count me in as an eternal optimist with you, and you’re right, with how crazy the world is today, we could all use some love, faith and optimistic hope that things will get better. ❤

  2. I truly believe optimism and pessimism are a genetic predisposition (as you say, you’re mother is the same way). I am always optimistic about outcome but in the same breath I am realistic that many people do not do the right thing, but alas, that’s ethics and morality, neither of which have to do with optimism and pessimism. So in a world respect, I am optimistic that things will turn out in the manner they are destined to and I optimistically hope it turns out for the better. I love this look on your it is tres chic! ❤

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